How to remove stuck caster stems from chair?

To remove a stuck caster stem from a chair, try the following steps:

  1. Apply heat: Use a heat gun or a hair dryer to heat up the area around the stem. This can help to loosen the grip of any adhesive or rust that may be holding the stem in place.
  2. Tap with a hammer: Gently tap the stem with a rubber mallet or a hammer wrapped in cloth to loosen it.
  3. Use pliers: Grip the stem with pliers and twist gently back and forth to loosen it.
  4. Apply penetrating oil: Spray penetrating oil such as WD-40 on the stem and let it sit for a few minutes before attempting to remove it.
  5. Use a wrench: If the stem is hexagonal, try using a wrench to loosen it.
  6. Replace the stem: If all else fails, the stem may need to be replaced. You can find replacement stems at office furniture stores or online.

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