locking office chair wheels for secret labs omega series chair??

The Secretlab Omega Series chair is a high-end gaming chair that features a durable and sturdy design. The chair comes with dual-wheeled casters that are designed for use on hard floor surfaces. The wheels have a locking mechanism that can be engaged to prevent the chair from moving.

To lock the wheels on the Secretlab Omega Series chair, you will need to find the small lever or button on the bottom of each wheel. Pressing the lever or button will lock the wheel in place, preventing it from rolling. To unlock the wheels, simply press the lever or button again.

It’s important to note that the locking mechanism of the wheels is designed to work on hard floor surfaces. If you try to use the chair on a carpet or other soft surface, the wheels may not lock properly, and the chair may still be able to move.

Also, make sure that the locking mechanism is engaged on all the wheels, to keep the chair stable and prevent it from moving.

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