5 Best Office Chair With Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is the backbone of a comfortable office chair. With it, you can be sure that you’ll be sitting in the perfect position to prevent back pain and promote good posture. But without it, your body will likely start to ache after just an hour or so of sitting at your desk.

Lumbar support not only helps avoid discomfort but also can help reduce tiredness and fatigue by reducing pressure on your spine. Some people find that they need to make adjustments to their office chairs, while others might need an entirely new chair altogether. But before you buy a new chair, make sure it has what you need by checking out this list of five key features for any office chair with lumbar support.

Best 5 Lumbar Support Chair

Adjustable Office & PC Chair with Massage Lumbar Support

Office Chair With Lumbar Support

Adjustable Headrest with Flip-Up Arms Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar Support


Computer Desk Chairs High Back with Lumbar Support, Adjustable Arms

Office Chair With Lumbar Support

Office Chair with Flip-up Armrests and Motive Lumbar Support, Leather

Office Chair With Lumbar Support

Best five key features For Lumbar Support Office Chair

Lumbar support is one of the most important features to look for when shopping for a new chair. Just about every office chair will have a lumbar pillow, but not all chairs have a high-quality lumbar support system.

Here are five key features you should keep an eye out for when choosing your next office chair:

  1. Support at the back of the chair that’s adjustable
  2. A lower seat pan that makes it easier to get in and out as well as provides extra comfort
  3. Armrests that are adjustable and padded to ensure maximum comfort
  4. Lumbar support that cradles your lower back and moves with you as you move around in your seat
  5. A tilt control knob or lever so you can change the way the chair feels based on what type of work you’re doing

Adjustable Arms and Seat


First, you’ll want to look for a chair with adjustable arms and seat height. This will help ensure that you’re sitting in the right position so your back is supported. If the armrests are too low or too high, or if the seat is too high, this will not only wear on your back but also make it difficult to work during the day.

Many people find that they need to make adjustments to their current office chairs. Maybe you already have one and it’s not quite right for you—now might be the time to invest in a new chair! A good way to ensure that you’re getting an adjustable office chair is by looking for one with these five key features: adjustable arms and seat height, back rest adjustment, tilt tension adjustment (to choose how far forward or backward your chair reclines), lumbar support, and headrests.

Lumbar Support that’s Easy to Adjust

Every person’s body is different and needs to be supported in a different way. One of the most important features for an office chair with lumbar support is adjustability. Make sure that you can adjust the lumbar support easily to suit your personal preferences and needs.

Some people will need only a little bit of lumbar support, while others might need a lot more. If you’re looking for a chair with adjustable lumbar support, make sure it has multiple options so you can choose how much or little you want your back to be supported.

Arm Rests

These are small cushions that you can place on the arms of your chair. They serve several purposes, depending on if they’re fixed or not.

Fixed arm rests prevent your arms from resting against the armrests, which helps you maintain a straight and proper arm position.

Foldable arm rests provide support but also allow you to adjust them so that your arms can rest comfortably in a more natural position.

Adjustable height arm rests will be able to accommodate for different heights, so they’re perfect for people who work at a desk with one other person, as well as those who share an office with someone much taller than them.

Armrest covers are another type of comfort add-on that can provide extra padding and softness for when your arms rest on the armrests. These covers are typically made from either foam or gel and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

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Is it good to have lumbar support for office chair?

A lumbar back support helps promote good posture by simply filling in the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat, supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back.

Can a chair with lumbar support hurt your back?

If your lumbar support is too high, it puts pressure on the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels in that area of your back. Even with a consistent transition between sitting and standing throughout the day – which we recommend – a chair with poor lumbar support can lead to back pain and poor posture causing more pain.

Do lumbar cushions work?

Conclusions. A lumbar support pillow with a cut-out for the posterior pelvic tissues improved an objective measure of comfort in healthy individuals and patients with low back pain. Lumbar flattening was decreased and thoracolumbar curvature was increased.

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